NCR'er becomes LeMons media star!

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NCR'er becomes LeMons media star!

Postby billybobster » Wed Oct 05, 2016 6:36 pm

Last weekend was the LeMons race at Buttonwillow. A NCR member has been featured in the press (well... Roadkill) coverage of the event. ... w-raceway/


Look at that steely determination to DOMINATE! The Dying Lizards (aka Old FARTs who were trying to sneak into B class) are excellent competitors and also very mean human beings. I stopped by their garage to "borrow" some fasteners and while I was going through their parts bins (5 of them), I was heaped with verbal abuse. But then, they were verbally abusing each other too. Actually, they were very helpful and ? (the guy with the red shirt and Cigarillo) helped find some of the fasteners and came over to help where we were "field engineering" a repair to our turbo/manifold which were refusing to stay mated.

Some Miata schadenfreude...

This team's car has participated in 40 races and has been an overall race winner (I think). One of the team members is a Mazda engineer.


On Saturday, they developed a misfire which then turned into a dead engine. Two hours of frantic wrenching later, they discovered the cause. They were out of gas. Yay Mazda engineering prowess.

The Badger (our car) ran much much better than our bizzare overheating plagued last race at Thunderhill in July. Last weekend, Saturday we ran all day. Car was in the main great except for the gap between turbo and manifold which progressed from 0" to 3/8" over the course of the day. So from full boost to no boost to driver exhaust gas poisoning. Saturday night - LeMony field engineering. Sunday - a few fixable issues until complete electrical system failure with an hour and a half to go. But we had big fun.
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Re: NCR'er becomes LeMons media star!

Postby silhouette » Thu Oct 06, 2016 10:00 am

Chop that roof off and maybe we could "sponsor" a LeMons team, and up our forum traffic.

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