Anyone familiar with West Coast Wheel Repair in Fremont? Owner/operator Edgar Campos.

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Anyone familiar with West Coast Wheel Repair in Fremont? Owner/operator Edgar Campos.

Postby JediJoker » Thu Oct 13, 2016 2:50 pm


Bent one of my discontinued O.Z.'s. He claims he can easily fix the bend (~10:00 in the first image)--without leaving the wheel weakened--by heating up the face and working it back into shape, then repainting. Can't guarantee an exact color/finish match, but says it will be close. $175 and 24-hour turnaround. That's about half the cost of a new wheel, which I can't even get in matching silver anymore, so factor in the cost of repainting and the deal looks even better.

This is in contrast to the reaction I got from local Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists franchisee Keith Keller, who--after examining pictures--thought the bend was too close to where a spoke meets the rim and that trying to fix it could form a crack along the edge of the spoke. He then recommended Wheel Techniques, which is closer to me (though WCWR is closer still), but warned that they might not be able to repair it, either. From searching the archives at QuattroWorld NorCal (hi, guys; I will search here, too), I also gathered that Wheel Techniques is not recommended. I found both positives and negatives for Rite-Way. I found nothing on West Coast Wheel Repair or Edgar Campos, but it's a full five stars from many reviews on Yelp (mostly for curb rash; same story for Rite-Way).

So: anyone used WCWR/Edgar in the past? Pleased? From your own experience, does my wheel look repairable? Any counter-recommendations or places to avoid?
- JediJoker

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