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Megan Racing Coilover Group Buy

Postby garageSTAR » Fri May 01, 2015 11:32 am

Hi guys. Some of you know that Garage Star is a Megan racing dealer. I'm putting together a group buy on EZ Streets and Streets for the Miata NA, NB and NC. Some it's a group buy and the prices are really good I was asked not to post the price online. The key to getting the special discount is all the orders have to be sent in at the same time. Once the order is sent in the group buy ends. All orders will be shipped from Megan Racing directly to save you guys money on shipping.

Here are the numbers I can list online.

Shipping $35-$60 depending on where you are located in the US. International orders I will have to work out pricing.

10 people $25 off
20 people $50 off

We will start the group buy today May 1 2015 and it will end May 15 2015. If we are close to 20 people and close to the end date I will extend the group buy if needed.

How billing works - I will invoice you for the Group buy price plus shipping. Once we hit a 10 or 20 people I'll issue a $25 or $50 credit at the end of the group buy

If you want to order Garage Star top hats to go with your Megan EZ-Streets or Streets for you Miata it will be $80 per pair.

For questions please email me.

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