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Garage Sale

Postby 2159ClassicRed » Fri Feb 03, 2017 12:02 am

Clearing out the garage to fund another project. More items to follow, but this is what I have currently for sale:

Miata Items:
-RacingBeat non-resonated midpipe (90-97). Slight scratch on bottom but not bent; doesn't affect performance. $100 or better offer.
-MemoryFab seat rails. Don't believe these are made anymore. $125 or better offer. (Pending Sale)
-323 GTX valvecover. $75 or better offer.
-1990 Miata valvecover. $45 or better offer.
-OEM hardtop side latches. $60 or better offer.

RX8 Items:
-RX8 Koni sport shocks. 60k miles, good condition with no leaks or sagging. Springs won't be included, just the shocks only. $250 or better offer.

RX7 Items:
-1993 RX7 Koni sport shocks with Eibach ProKit springs. Unknown mileage, but no leaks or sagging. $300 or better offer.
-1993 RX7 Ground Control/Advance Design coilovers. Unknown mileage and shocks don't hold any compression. Perfect setup for those interested in creating their own parts and learning to service them on their own. $400 or better offer.

Items located: Fresno, CA. I can meet as far as Gilroy for the northern people, and Bakersfield for the socal people.
PM me an offer.

ImageMiata (4 of 12) by miata2159, on Flickr

ImageMiata (6 of 12) by miata2159, on Flickr

ImageMiata (8 of 12) by miata2159, on Flickr

ImageMiata (9 of 12) by miata2159, on Flickr

ImageMiata (12 of 12) by miata2159, on Flickr

ImageFD RX7 (12 of 14) by miata2159, on Flickr

ImageRX8 (1 of 3) by miata2159, on Flickr

ImageCoilovers (1 of 1) by miata2159, on Flickr
Happy Motoring,

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