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CA FS Mazda Miata 5-Speed Parts Brand New And Other Used Items

Postby scootypuffjr1234 » Sun May 22, 2016 12:52 pm


I sold my NA miata a while back and have some parts that I need to sell:

Brand New:

Clutch Slave Cylinder for 5-Speed NA transmission
Clutch Master Cylinder
Shift boot NA01-64-481B
Outer Shifter bushing H002-46-085
Inner Shift Boot M514-17-480A
Transmission Seals

I don't have pictures of the above parts but I can when I get to work tomorrow.

The above parts are for sale together only $100 total. My loss your gain.

USED parts
1 metal Clutch line for NA miata $10 or free if you buy the above parts
Mercury Capri Valve Cover for 1.6L engines. $90
Time Sert Oil Pan rethread kit. We've all been there this is worth the $50


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